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Project Build Teryx 4 2012 2# battery, fuse box

Discussion in 'Teryx Member Project Builds' started by monster1, Feb 18, 2017.

  1. monster1

    monster1 New Member

    Feb 18, 2017
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    I have add a second battery under the driver seat it is a large bosh AGM 142 AH. I welded a a steal angel in screwed down a steal plate so I could take it out to clean and make changes to the plate. I welded two hook loops that I put my rubber battery hold down though.

    I still have a acid battery for my main battery but will upgrade to 965. I wanted to protect all my systems and wiring. I ran from my 2 battery 6 in to a 50amp breaker then ran wire from the other side of the breaker though the center up to the air box where I mounted a 100 amp Zhong Tong RL/180-12 part#(02136) I ran the wire to one of the post with nut. I ran a wire from the other post to a 100 amp breaker that I can reach and turn off/on all power before and after each ride to keep from drain my battery and protect fuse block where the next 2"wire go's to. This run of wire is #2 with crimp end ran in flame retardant 3/4 Polyp tubing. I have a ?? I want to use 100 amp realy to turn the power to my fuse block and all my accessories at once a have waterproof switch for this but do not know how to use the two other terminal should be ran one the power and one is the ground should I run the power to the switch and the ground to the frame or back to the switch?

    I am using the True utv-sbi-15cm that will keep my main battery charged at all times but will let my 2 battery be charged once the main battery if fully charged. so I ran the wire from under the seat up the center across frame of the air box to the true utv-sbi both with #2 wire with crimp ends and 3/4 Polyp tubing. Then ran wire from the other post of the true sbi to my to a 50 amp breaker than I ran one wire from the breaker to the positive side of my main battery. once again the breaker is protecting the positive wire.

    I got two volt meters one for the main battery and on for the 2 battery and one wire go from each side of the studs on the True sbi to their respected volt meter (+) terminal you get a relay that have powered with the key on power line so it will light up as long as the teryx is runing. The relay has two green lines each get ran to the (-) of each volt meter. I dont know why I need the relay for to small volt meters but it came with the kit so why not you tell me?

    I keep on using a key power to power these relays I know once I get this fuse block up and running I can run things from it but should I run a bus for the grounds and the key on power for the three relays I want a cleaner install. I know I could have used the waterproof relay box that some one makes and I still may but as long as I use waterproof relays and run the wire with heat shrink and loom should be ok.

    I am posting this for you help and to help others I hope my photos make this clear. I know I am going to add Lights front and back a ham radio, dome lights street legal stuff maybe, ect.

    I am running my winch off my main battery not the best thing, but do not want to change at this time. I could have went with #4 wire but I always over do things I hope for the better sometimes not that is why I have all of you.

    I just got two fire ext mounts from SFR one large and one small they are nice just need to mount them need ideas. The small one under the driver seat I think, and the other on the passenger side back maybe?

    I got a 3.5 gal gas can and have no idea where to mount?

    Thanks for you help and input teryx4 003.JPG teryx4 006.JPG teryx4 004.JPG teryx4 008.JPG teryx4 009.JPG teryx4 010.JPG teryx4 003.JPG teryx4 006.JPG teryx4 004.JPG teryx4 008.JPG teryx4 009.JPG teryx4 010.JPG

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