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Replies on Comment by DLB

  1. mrwvsportsman
    They aren't close at all. That's why I'm disappointed that I didn't get 28's. I think once my lift is on they will fit fine.
    mrwvsportsman, Mar 14, 2015
  2. DLB
    Darn, well they still look good. Now I want to go same width all around more than ever. I've read some stuff that said the Evos ran small, but wasn't sure how small compared to other 27s and 28s. MattN03 had major rubbing with 28s, but I wonder if it was mainly because he was running stock wheels, no lift or spacers.
    DLB, Mar 14, 2015
  3. mrwvsportsman
    Thanks man. My next set will be 28's for sure. I will have the lift by then. And I have a set of 1"spacers already if I need them. I can't believe how smooth these tires are, even at low speeds on blacktop. Riding hard this weekend at the Maple Syrup Festival. Have about 20 bikes coming to ride. Most popos so I'm sure I will be pulling somebody before the day is over.
    mrwvsportsman, Mar 15, 2015
  4. DLB
    No doubt about it. Take some pics at your ride and make a post. Would like to get your impression on the tires and the new Teryx. Watch those spacers. I tried using 1" SuperATV spacers and the factory studs were longer than the thickness of the spacers. Could have made them work if I would have ground down the studs, but I wasn't willing to do that. Other 1" brands may not be a problem.
    DLB, Mar 16, 2015
  5. mrwvsportsman
    I don't remember where I got my spacers, but I ran them in the front with my 29.5" Swamplites on my 2012 in order for them to clear the tie rods. I didn't have any trouble with these, thank goodness. I always hate that I can't get pics on my rides. Im usually the one leading and it's hard to get pics on the go. Hopefully someone behind me will have a camera.
    mrwvsportsman, Mar 17, 2015